July 2019

Summer has arrived in Lebanon! It is warming up and it hasn't rained for a while now, but a sure sign of summer at the Life Center is the annual fundraising dinner which was held on June 14th. A team from Egypt has been staying and we've held the latest Life Leadership Institute (LLI) training. The Spring of Life homework support program has finished and the summer program is now underway. Summer children's, youth and church family camps are being planned. As always there's a lot going on.

Annual Fundraising Dinner

A good crowd of supporters came to the annual fundraiser on June 14th. Held in the centre, the yard was transformed into a grand restaurant and there were live performances by the SOL children, speeches and comedy, and of course good food.

You can see a small video of the dinner by clicking here 

Fundraising Dinner
Fundraising Dinner
Fundraising Dinner
Spring of Life

The Spring of Life educational project celebrated it's end of term with a trip to the theatre. Here they are lining up to get on the buses, and at the theatre, where they had a great time.

Theatre Trip
Theatre Trip
Life Leadership Institute

There have been two fabulous weeks of teaching since Easter. Simon Kirby visited from the UK with a small team and taught on the supremacy of Christ, and in June Marc McCord from Switzerland visited and taught on the New Testament, both to the refugee congregation. Each time there was also teaching for the church leaders who are affiliated to the Life Center.

Marc McCord
Marc McCord with Pastor Said interpreting
LLI Graduates
Prayer Points
The LifeCenter building here in Bourj Hammoud, East Beirut is strategically placed amongst some of the most needy people of Lebanon, - not just refugees but the underprivileged and downtrodden of every sort live there.

As you can see the team at the Life Center are very busy, but there is so much more to be done:
  • They are developing a team of workers to do home visits and get involved in helping the people around, including small groups based around Bible Studies. Alongside this they have a small team of mothers who are providing a playgroup for people who attend meetings in the building.
  • Spring of Life carries on 12 months of the year and is currently running a summer school while the mainstream schools are closed. Providing education to the children of the community, who have so few opportunities, is vital for their future.
  • Distributing food boxes is something the team love to do - when they can get them.  They go to families in Bourj Hammoud and also to the outreach to refugees in the Bekaa valley.
  • The building itself continually needs maintenance. Recently they had to do major works on the drains, and more work is required on the roof, the hostel facilities and the general decor.
  • The Lebanese government is making it very hard on Syrians to work, over the last few weeks most of the church's Syrian members lost their little jobs.  The pressure to support these families is now falling back on the Life Center team and is a considerable pressure on them.
  • Please pray for Pastor Said, his family and the whole team at the Life Center.
Please pray for these and the many other challenges the team faces.

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