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Esther Gayfield is a young American who is serving in the Life Center. In addtion to her administrative abilities she has a talent for writing, and in her blog captures the realities of life for the Syrian refugees she meets on a daily basis.

In this article she describes the harsh realities of life for refugees who live in the Nabaa, the area of Beirut where the Life Center is located.

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Bekaa Valley Easter Outreach

Children at Bekaa Valley outreach

The Bekaa Valley (east of Beirut) is Lebanon's most import agricultural area and is home to some of the countries famous wineries. It is also home to large numbers of Syrian refugees in the camps which have been set-up there.

As part of a new initiative to reach out to the refugees in the Bekaa valley, this Easter, a team of young adults from the Life Center visited one of the camps and held an outreach event to share Christ with those who are so obviously in need of his love.

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Spring of Life News. Christmas 2016.

Latest news from Spring of Life. Click on the image below to view (PDF)...


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The Profile: Latest news from Beirut.

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